Marco Trombetti


Isabelle Andrieu (co-founder of our family), Valerio Lanni (The wild card), Silvio Gulizia (The journalist), Benedetta Zamagni (Pepper), Paolo Cellini (The professor), Alessandro Cattelan (The perfectionist), Salvatore Giammarresi (The leader), Jamshid Alamuti (The assassin), Sébastien Bratières (The Machines’ Teacher), Giorgio Sadolfo (The big-hearted founder), Alessia Ridoni (Little Escape), Claudia Di Lorenzo (The critic), Maria Marrone (Mom), Giuseppe Trombetti (Dad), Pasquale Marrone (Uncle), Roberto Lombardi (Lorenzo de’ Medici), Luca Mastrostefano (The pupil), Andrea Granelli (The new philosopher), Chris Nicholson (The journalist entrepreneur), Daniele Meini (The fast one), Patrizia Boglione (The shy entrepreneur), George Coelho (The rally driver), Giulia Gazzelloni (The babysitter), Monica Archibugi (Miss Determination), Fabio Gallia (The adventurer), Trond Wuellner (The smart one), Francesca Marrone (Francis Brown), Andrea Gattini (The happy one), Simone Perone (The musician), Daniele Patrioli (The climber), Giordano Bottà (The DNA diver), Blake Scholl (The pilot).

Thanks to Michael Seibel (The big Yoda), who motivated me to write this collection of essays, encouraging me to try to be ‘the Paul Graham of Europe’. Thanks to Paul Graham who has always inspired me but could not help me in this venture because he is back in Europe; he will always be the one and only Paul Graham of Europe.

My grandfather Cesidio, who taught me how to be happy.