Marco Trombetti

What I Believe

I believe fear and hope move humanity. Fear is easy to use, suitable for mediocre people who use it to organize people, guide them and make them obey. Hope, however, it is difficult to use, but those who master it give women and men the opportunity to express their potential, to feel proud, realized and to contribute to the evolution of our small planet. I ignore those who spread fear and love those who promote hope.

I believe in the beauty and strength of diversity, a key component of those communities that are able to reach goals that seem impossible to single individuals. Diversity is at the base of our physical and spiritual evolution. Those that are considered different have more chances to change the world for the better.

I believe that being naïve and underestimating problems is more a quality than a limitation.

I believe that the fastest way to learn is to fail.

I believe in children and their stories, because they will transform their dreams, which derive from the love we give them, into the future they desire. I believe in young people, in their potential to do better than those who preceded. I believe in the wisdom of those who, after a long life, are able to understand what is really worth working for.

I think it is useless to listen to what people say, it is better to observe what people do.

I believe in the humble, those who think that they do not have the means to make a difference, because they are the ones who actually make the difference.

I think it would be wonderful to have a future without borders, where each of us, accompanied by our hopes, will be safe, free and happy.

I think happiness can be found in doing a job well done for those who will come after us.

I am sure that to create a better world we must give more than what we take.